A special vision
and approach

The «Shashleek» team is passionate and loving professionals! We took a familiar and beloved product and brought it to perfection! Using simple and natural products, we tried to cook them so that our guests would be happy to come again. After all, «Shashleek» is not only a delicious cuisine, but also a place where it’s nice to sit and chat with family and friends, in a pleasant oriental atmosphere, at a beautifully laid table.

What they love us for!

Exquisite taste of dishes

It is the unforgettable colorful taste, obtained thanks to strict quality control and the cooking process, that we are loved for.

Attention to detail

Our team pays attention not only to the quality of the dishes, but also to everything. what surrounds our guests, what they have to contact, what to look at.

Special treatment

We always listen to our customers’ feedback and do our best, trying to create a place where you want to come back again and again.

ᅠ ᅠ


Our company was established relatively recently in January 2019 with an authorized capital of 300,000 US dollars. In a short period of time, our company has shown very good growth rates, despite the COVID 19 pandemic and the difficulties associated with it, we were able to achieve good results

Our branches

The main activity of our company is the launch and development of conceptual catering outlets. In particular, today, we have several successful projects of cafe-restaurants «SHASHLEEK» in the Ecopark of Tashkent, Mirzo-Ulugbek district, the intersection of Mahatma Gandhi and Hamid Olimzhan streets, Cafe «SHASHLEEK» next to the restaurant «Bahor» on the square and restaurant «SHASHLEEK» on the territory of the ski resort «AMIRSOY», restaurant «SHASHLEEK» in the new park Magic City.

Production of meat products

The company also has a modern complex for processing beef cattle and lamb in Tashkent, whose products are used both for their own needs and for sale.

Beef meat

Our company imports beef cattle meat from Belarus, where leading beef producers from Grodno, Bryansk, Gomel regulary cooperate with us.

Lamb meet

We also process lamb meat, which we bring from Bukhara and Navoi regions, where our company has its own base for 5,000 head of sheeps.

Plans and Targets

Our company plans to create and bring to the international market the brand «Uzbek mutton» and to establish exports to the countries of the near and far abroad. Already today, companies from the UAE, Russia and the UK have shown interest in our products. Restaurant projects in Dubai and London are at the stage of obtaining permits and selecting locations.